Friday, 15 May 2009

Sexual abuse, drugs , knife crime and murder !

Every day there is a news headline in the Maldivian newspapers which screams of atrocities related to sexual abuse , drugs, knife crime or murder.

I wonder what people feel when they read articles like the one which appeared on news yesterday ( ;
How is it possible that we have fallen this low? How is it possible that we have allowed our neighbours to commit such crimes on our own daughters and we dare to remain silent?
How could a father , uncle and other so called sane men, continuosly engage in such crime against an innocent child for so many years? A 10 year old being sexually abused for 5 years!!! A 3 year old being sexually abused by the expatriate their own homes? Why ? Where was the mother? Father???? Grandparents???? Were they all out to earn an income to bring up this child?????
I am concerned about the devastating effect this could have on the child and her parents. I hope they get the courage and support to withstand this difficult time.

In all this is a message for the rest of us too. For all of us who need to protect our sons and daughters from these vultures of our society.

It seems to me we no longer live in a safe society. Neither our homes, nor the beach front or the inside of a restaurant is safe for us. The society is in a chaotic state and to protect our children, we have to stand up for our selves and see what could be done to protect and safegaurd our children.

Inspect children at all times, please do not hand them over to the maid servant or relatives and go to the office and spend hours away without monitoring whats going on; specially if strangers or even relatives are visiting your homes.

Talk to the children and let them know you will always be there for them that you will not hold them responsible even if something untoward happen to them or even if somebody did something to them...let them know you as the parent will not hold them reponsible or call them bad.

If your child has been victimised, make sure you and they recieve adequate and good aftercare. Do not assume someone else will do everything for you. Question the authorities who are offering the support. Question the authority for the quality of care your child is receiving and do not hand over the aftercare to people who are not adequately trained in case they become further victimised.

Do not just report the incident to the authorities and remain silent. Follow up the case, become a voice against these atrocities such that no other parent will have to endure what you went through.

Demand justice for yourself, for your child and fight to ensure that appropriate legislations and policies are put in place.
Names, photographs and related details about paedophiles and others who engage in sexual abuse, rape and related sexual crimes should be entered into a sex offenders register(life time) and this should remain visible to the general public. The public should be aware if such a person has been released to the community and their movement has to be monitored by the concerned authorities.

Rehabilitation of these people should also be attempted while they serve their sentences.

Equally important is the need to educate and make the public aware about what could be done to prevent the victimisation of their children and also to prevent their child from entering this destructive cycle of violence.

Only proactive action can save our children from being victimised by sexual abuse, drugs , knife crime and murder.


Anonymous said...

Dear Naaz
In my forty years of life I have never been so rattled and unseated from my sanity hearing about these henious crimes of adults on children. Whose children? yours, mine, everybodys. If we can betray our own flesh and continue to.. how twisted are we? Where are we in the Maslows hierachy? What are we trying to achieve as a nation. Democracy my a***.
I cannot think and cannot comprehend in any way what must be going thru the head of the child when the adults whom she placed most trust takes everything from her forever.
People STOP talking about parties and politics. Talk about the children.Talk about the children. TILL IT STOPS. TILL IT STOPS HURTING. DO SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...

This started happening during Gayoom's presidency. He should be taken to HIGH COURT. I'm very very angry. I'm not surprised if Gayoom actualy payed people to do this. and he watch the video for his faahish araam.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naaz,

I like your idea of compiling a list of known and convicted pedophiles in the Maldives and post them everywhere in the country. Make those criminals know to every individual in the country. Post their photos on the streets, in public places, in the tea shops, restaurants, schools, government offices etc..

Dancing in the Rain said...

Hi Naz,
What will happen to the child who was abused by his father? Will she go on living with her parents and be accessible to her dad anytime or will she be taken by the goverment in to their care? I always ask this question from so many ppl but no one know. I hope you have an answere..

The Shadowrunner said...

Can't you see?. This whole "democracy" is a farce. It is we, as a society who lose in the game of big businesses pitting their favored representatives in a media-hyped "race for democracy". They dont care for the suffering of the common man as long as they get to line their pockets with the illicit money they make from letting people ruin our society.