Friday, 1 May 2015

May Day Protest in Maldives. Why I am particpating in the Protest.

Today I will join the peaceful Mayday protest along with the thousands who will march across the streets of Male'. I am going out on the streets not as a professional but as an ordinary Maldivian citizen who intend to raise my voice against the atrocities, human rights violations, arrogance, violence, aggression that has become common place. I do not believe President Nasheed got a fair trial, I do not believe Dr.Afrasheems murderers have been brought to justice, I do not think enough has been done to find Rilwan, I do not believe the government had upheld the election promises they made to the public. I do not believe that masked youth could walk or ride along the streets and speak ;threat or abuse ordinary citizens or the opposition members and speed across the roads with state sponsored power to commit crimes against the people. I do not think the citizens of this country are getting the rights they should in a democracy. Drugs, particularly chemicals like MDMA, Acid, etc Heroin, cannabis and alcohol which are all illegal are flooded in the hands of youth as we speak; gangs and criminals are thriving and the ordinary citizens and the small and big time business men are being intimitated, threatened and made to live in fear. The people of the country has demanded for justice and fairness but so far what we have recieved is arrogance and just a thumbs down. I am going out to say in peace, hear us, change, we are the citizens, we will stand and we will fight, we will protest for the sake of the nation and we the people know that together we are mightier than all the arms in your hands. Every one I know who is going out today is taking the risk of being pepper sprayed, beaten, or gassed or god knows what. But ALLAH AKBAR. We shall march for peace and in peace. # Free the father of democracy in Maldives # free President Nasheed and Justice for all; I along with the public make a stand against all aggression, all violence, all atrocity. May our flag fly with pride and our pigeons fly on full bellies.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Social Issues which Influence and Impact the Maldivian Society

Social Issues which Influence and Impact  the Maldivian Society
  (Compiled based on fb/social media interactions/news headlines;2014 December)by Dr.Aishath Ali Naaz
Child Abuse/Incest and Rape
Issues related to bullying at school and work environment
Violence, aggression, gangs
Drug abuse
High Divorce rates and broken families
Urbanization and its impact; Male’ being the central island where all basic services are located
Inflation and how it is influencing the life style of the common man
Unattractive salaries and benefits to locals  employed in the private sector
Over crowding of Male’; congested living space, crowded  unsafe roads
Unemployed and unemployable youth
Politicians taking advantage of naïve and misinformed citizens
Difficulty in getting appointments with medical practitioners in hospitals in Male’ both in public and private hospitals and the difficulty in staying in queue for long hours for appointments
Loss of faith and trust in the judiciary
Religious scholars meddling with national politics creating confusion and chaos in the minds of citizens.
Inequality of income; in equal distribution of wealth and poverty
Neglecting of the aged and old parents; unresolved dilemmas of the aging population in the Maldives
Initiation of smoking by very young people
High level of sexual promiscuity and sexual deviations among the youth
Corruption at  all levels
Character assassinations of prominent persons, particularly those who enter politics
Disruption of religious unity; one section in extremist thought, others with secular thought etc
Lack of awareness of judicial rights and independence
Lack of awareness of gender equality
Increasing domestic violence, lack of awareness of spousal rights
Lack of awareness among youth that minor selling of drugs is the pathway to drug trafficking and organized crime
Lack of adequate extra curricular activities for school going child and out of school youth
Lack of awareness on deserved social welfare from the state to its deserving citizens
Loss of trust with public institutions
Corruptions linked to politicians
Developing racist attitude in Maldives for foreign laborers of South Asian Origin

It is left for us to do more social research in the above areas. Definitely we require more research, policy and plans to address these dilemmas which directly influence our society. This perhaps is not the most comprehensive list of social problems we face, neither is it presented in a hierarchy which can demonstrate which problem is more predominant over the other. For that, young people of Maldives, studying acorss the world, need to put their thinking caps on and begin to work. Your nation needs you , to address these and more challenges which has made our beautiful paradise one of the most horrendous places to live in. It is up to us to selflessly sacrifice and contribute to nation building. Happy new from me to all concerned citizens. In sha Allah in 2015 you will see me addressing these issues, either through write ups, research or other programs which I hope to bring to your attention.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Peace for Palestine

'when the animal rights activistis rose to stop the hunt for animals..
when playing violent video games no longer satiated the desire for open fun
they found a vulnerable group of people to wage war against.....
their children were called snakes to be killed.......
their blood have no value??? 
you enter the land....shoot your bullets not through rabbits or lions...
it shot through the bossom of mothers, brains of infants, loins of unarmed civilians,,,
you call them terrorists...when they rise in self defense....
and all they have is a stone to throw at you...
humanity it is time to rise for the rights of these humans.
stop the bombs, stop the bullets..stop the lies
let us think of peace...feel for peace and act for peace'

Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Memoir: A Micro Political Campaign

An Introduction
The loss of the presidential elections to MDP was not a surprise considering the political gamble that was going on, but it shocked many of us to a state of numbness and despair.
It was at this point, I developed a strong desire to get into the core of an election process and understand what really happens in an election, particularly what determines whether you lose or win an election.
I believe that no period in Maldives history has witnessed mass participation in a political struggle as we did after the 8th February coup. Ordinary citizens had made it their daily business to fight for democracy. The pulse of the people, who dreamt of a better life for themselves and for their children, depended on MDP, to come back to power and realize their lost or rather snatched dream.
The personal experience; The Early Phase
On declaring to my immediate family that I wanted to sign up to MDP as a member and then contest in the primaries, I received a Luke warm response.
‘Why do you want to do this?’
‘No need to dig your own grave’
‘Politics is dirty, you are not cut for politics, you are psychologist do your thing’
‘Where is the money? Who will fund you?’
‘As if MDP wants you! They will not welcome you’
‘You have better things to do in life’
‘Go speak to the elders in the family and see whether they are with you first’
‘Speak to your brothers’
‘Go ahead, if this is what Allah wills for you it will happen, if not be ready to face failure’
Well. My personality is such that I will do what I set out to do. This has been me as I know myself to be. I was sure that every member in the family will know that their sister will do exactly as she thinks fit, and there would be really nothing they could do to stop me from materializing an ambition I have set out to achieve. Meanwhile, I also knew if I fell those very arms of my siblings would support me, hold me and help me in my recovery.
So what did I have to lose? I believed in myself. I honestly thought I could serve this nation and its people through the MDP vision; which I must admit is my dream now, so there was no other choice for me, really. MDP has become my pulse and I am sure this will be one fixed pulse!
I announced on fb like a joke that I was thinking of contesting in the primaries. I was pleasantly tickled with the responses I was getting. I realized that there were many people who thought I could be a good candidate for the Majlis, making it definitely more than one person (that person being just me) who now believed I can make a good MP.
On day 2, a lovely young lady (whom I would from hence forth call as LYL) in boxed me saying ;
‘Are you really serious? If you are why do we not sit and have a chat?’
Another friend who was living abroad in boxed me and said,
‘If you are thinking of contesting why not contest from Henveiru Dhekunu, which is T09, your own constituency, I have already spoken to people around the area and they have expressed support, they hold you in high regard and respect. Henveiru Dhekunu that’s the best constituency for you’
LYL met me the next day. We had a chat. I told her I was serious. I told her I did not have a sponsor. I told her I did not know where to contest from; the only place I could think of was Henveiru Dhekunu, the area in which I grew up in. I also told her I needed the blessing of the MDP leadership and that I wanted to meet Anni. I asked LYL, what if I did not get the blessing of the senior leadership, could I then contest. Would that not be wrong? LYL was a mature lady. She said,
‘You can contest, from where you want to contest, you have to follow the party rules, that’s all’
Ahem. She was right, but was I bold enough to seriously venture out?
I told LYL I will contest. I needed her support.
I sms’ed Anni , requesting for a meeting.  He asked me to come and meet him at Kenereege.
 I wanted a one to one meeting.
I had to tell him why I wanted to contest. I wanted to tell him how much I was grieved because he lost the presidential election. I wanted to tell him that seeing him go to the oath taking ceremony of his rival had made a nation learn how to deal with failure.
 Obviously I had many things I wanted to tell him.
What I really had to tell him was I wanted to contest from Henveiru Dhekunu.
That, I was soon beginning to realize could become a sour spot for me. One of the senior MDP members was a sitting MP from the constituency.
A member of my family had said on this matter,
‘You have to know the dynamics, you have to know what this means, you have to know there are certain things you can do, you cannot do...Politics….is something else..Here people will put up their mighty fight to defend what they want….and you are just a novice’
Alright, I understood, but I told him,’ he has not yet announced his desire to contest for the parliament for this term? Or well….’
I guess I did not get the gist of the message; maybe I did not really want to know. May be just may be something even more strange was cooking in my mind.
When I met Anni, I was overjoyed. I understand this to be a common euphoric experience to many who considers him to be a national hero. Unfortunately, a number of senior MDP leaders were present at kenereege when I went in. He gently apologized and said;
‘Hope you do not mind that we meet like this, there are others...’
I nodded. I was sort of not ready for this meeting and very soon felt like the odd one out but I guess I managed to utter;
‘It’s OK’
I was introduced to the group and Anni was kind enough to tell them that I was interested in contesting in the MDP primaries. I am sure there was no resistance to the idea. In fact the discussion slipped to where I could contest from. Male’ atoll was suggested; thulusdhoo dhaaira and Maria Didi even volunteered to help me get some votes if I was to contest from this constituency.
I must say, I however could not muster the courage to say where I wanted to contest from. I was thinking, without a sponsor how could I go to Thulusdhoo, I did not know a soul from that island, I have not been to that island in the past 12 years, I did not have the resources to contest from the suggested or discussed constituencies.
In that instance I was unable to voice out my thoughts, I was keen on hearing what others had to say. However, I did ask how about contesting from Male’? If  I remember right the general feeling was from every constituency of Male’ there already were several people who wanted to contest. The discussion then moved on to supporting the local council elections. After 15 minutes I left Kenereege, a bit confused but relaxed. Relaxed because I did not think anyone in the senior leadership was un accepting of me or my wish to contest in the party primaries.
After I reached home I sent one more sms to Anni saying I hope he will give me is blessings even if I contested from Henveiru Dhekunu. I wrote I was sure I will have his blessings.
A little later a friendly sitting MP called me and said, you are of course most welcome to contest but prove your political worth by getting at least 150 new members to sign for the party. I giggled and said I will get that many signatures, of course.
By now few things were clear to me.
1.     I am contesting in the MDP majlis primaries.
2.     I had decided my constituency would be Henveiru Dhekunu.
I wrote a status on fb that I needed volunteers to help me with my campaign. Up to now, it was just LYL who has met me and said that I had her support.
The night I called for the meeting of volunteers at least 6 people joined in. I was surprised. We strategized and launched our campaign.

With a wallet size of less than MVR 10, 000/- I had thought of running a micro political campaign. I had 6 volunteers, 90% of whom were people whom I knew through social media and had met for the first time.

Monday, 9 December 2013

My Door to Door Campaign: Henveiru Dhekunu: Day 5

Covered many homes. Heard many things.
'kurin ai meehaku eyru aharuge haalu vedeo ves kuri, adhi adhah dhaan dhen ves feni ves nulaa'
'izzatherin aharumenge gey ge agu vattalaifi...ehen viya nudhee mithiba kuda khudhinge akhlaaq ah takaa ves..'
' bunantha, inthikhaab aa kurimathi laairu dhebo gen gulhen vaane, noonee nuvaane eh kameh ves, e bolun visnaanee khiyaalu vikaigen meehunge bolah erigen vote hoadhaan, varah reethi vaahaka dhahkaani; ekamu massakai kuraani dhevana boa, ebolun visnaa iruengen jeheyne, gina dhivehinaki jaahilun kan, vote hama dheyni ethi kolhu dhihkoh dhihkoh olhukureema edhih kuri meehakah...kaleya ves laari bahaalan keri jiyya vote libeyne'
My answer;'23 aharu vejje thiya bo thah massakai kuraa goi kiyaavaatha; engeyne e massaikah kuraa goi; dhivehin naki ghadharu veri bayeh; hama emme vote eh ves, rishwatha nulaa emme meehaku alhugandah dhineus alhugandu dhekeynee e othee mikan vefa  ...kamah...............................'
And tonight I entered another household. I promise ...I will work the rest of my life for the upliftment of such families. Ge thereyga mussandhi kah nethas, haadha haa nafsu ge mussandhi kan huri meehun adhives migaumu ga eba thibey...and it is because of them, MDP will live forever, and ever. This is the one party in the country, which has given hope to the most hopeless.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Door to Door Campaign;Henveiru Dhekunu, Day 4

Continued to visit more homes. There are so many people who love MDP. Their belief in the party ideologies, party manifesto, love for 'Anni' will remain the key drive which will continue to keeep MDP as the most powerful political party in the country.

އަޅުގަނޑު އެމްޑީޕީގެ ފަރާތުން ރައްޔިތުންގެ މަޖިލީހަށް ކުރިމަތިލުމަށް ކެންޑިޑޭޓުން ކަނޑައެޅުމަށް ބާއްވާ ޕްރައިމަރީ ހެންވޭރު ދެކުނު ދާއިރާގެ ގޮނޑިއަށް ކުރިމަތިލަމެވެ.

އަޅުގަނޑު، ޑރ. ޢައިޝަތު ޢަލީ ނާޒު، އެމްޑީޕީގެ ފަރާތުން ރައްޔިތުންގެ މަޖިލީހަށް ކުރިމަތިލުމަށް ކެންޑިޑޭޓުން ކަނޑައެޅުމަށް ބާއްވާ ޕްރައިމަރީ ހެންވޭރު ދެކުނު ދާއިރާގެ ގޮނޑިއަށް ކުރިމަތިލަމެވެ.
އަޅުގަނޑު ޢިޖްތިމާޢީ އެކި ދާއިރާތަކުގައި ފަރުދީ ފެންވަރުގައާއި، މުޖުތަމަޢުގެ ފެންވަރުގައާއި ޤައުމީ ފެންވަރުގައި މަސައްކަތްކޮށްފައެވެ. އަދި ދިވެހިރާއްޖޭގެ ފުރަތަމަ ހިއުމަން ރައިޓްސް ކޮމިޝަނާއި ޕެރޯލް ބޯޑުފަދަ މުއައްސަސާތަކުގައި އަޅުގަނޑުވަނީ މެމްބަރެއްގެ މަޤާމު އަދާކޮށްފައެވެ. މިގޮތުން ލިބުނު ތަޖުރިބާގެ އަލީގައި އަޅުގަނޑުވަނީ ގޭންގް މާރާމާރީއާ ގުޅޭ ގޮތުންނާއި، ޖަލުތަކުގެ ކުށުގެ މާޙައުލުގައި ބަންދުވެފައިތިބި ޒުވާނުން އަލުން އަނބުރާ މުޖުތަމަޢަށް ގެނައުމާ ގުޅޭ ގޮތުންނާއި، އަންހެނުންނަށް ކުރާ އަނިޔާއާ ގުޅޭ ގޮތުންނާއި އަދި ކުުޑަކުދިންނަށް ކުރާ އަނިޔާއާ ގުޅޭ ގޮތުން ދިރާސާތައް ކޮށް މިމައްސަލަތައް ޙައްލު ކުރެވޭނެ ގޮތުގެ ހުށަހެޅުންތަކެއް ހުށަހަޅާފައެވެ. ނަމަވެސް، މިފަދަ ގިނަ ހުށަހެޅުންތަކަށް މިއަދާ ހަމައަށް ރަގަޅު ޢަމަލީ ސިފައެއް އައިސްފައިނުވެއެވެ.
އަޅުގަނޑަށް ފެނުނުގޮތުގައި ޤައުމުގެ އިޖްތިމާޢީ ފޭރާން މިވަނީ ވަރަށް ބޮޑަށް ވީރާނާވެފައެވެ. އަދި ޤައުމުގެ ޒުވާން ޖީލުގެ ބޮޑު ބަޔަކަށްވަނީ މަސްތުވާތަކެއްޗާއި ކުށުގެ ހާއްޔެއްގެ ތެރެއަށް ވަދެވި އޭގެން ނިކުމެވޭނެ ގޮތެއް ނުފެނިފައެވެ.

އަޅުގަނޑު، ހެންވޭރު ދެކުނު ދާއިރާގެ މަޖިލިހުގެ ގޮނޑިއަށް ކުރިމަތިލުމަށް އެމްޑީޕީގެ ޓިކެޓު ހޯދުމަށް ކުރިމަތިލުމަށް މިނިންމީ، މިފަދަ އިޖްތިމާޢީ މައްސަލަތަކަށް ޙައްލު ހޯދުމަށް މިއަދާ ހަމައަށް ކުރެވިފައިވާ މަސައްކަތުން އަޅުގަނޑަށް ލިބިފައިވާ ތަޖުރިބާގެ އަލީގައި ދިވެހިރާއްޖޭގެ ޤާނޫނީ އޮނިގަނޑަށް ގެންނަނެ ޖެހޭ އިޞްލާޙުތަކާއި ބަދަލުތައް ގެނައުމަށް ވަކާލާތުކުރުމަށްޓަކައެވެ.