Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Message From FB Which Touched Me.....

The following is a letter I got as a fb message, after she went
through one of my fb albums. This is what I wrote under the attached photo.

the struggle to survive...for once there was nothing to smile
about...but pain, hunger....poverty....finally the
loss......october 2001......a death and the divorce which followed....."

I am happy that ... my pain..and how I coped with the losses
helped you to deal with your own.

What we often forget is the strength within
us...put to the test,I know not just me but majority of us can deal with
the dissapointments, failures and losses we are confronted with. We have to resort to our strengths...ofcourse.

Thank you for sending me this
mail. I am posting only a part of your beautiful letter here...but there was a big lump in my throat for several minutes after reading your letter.
My hope is that you get the strength...to deal with lifes challenges. Believe in your self, like me you will be surprised with the amount of internal strength Allah has gifted us with.
The letter goes as such:
"....................Naz, i
may not know you very well and you may not remember me, but believe it (n i know many have already told you
this) you are one of the bravest people iv
known. I cant imagine the pain you wen thru. I know how it must have been to go thru a divorce and suffering and loosing everything, but i cant possible imagine you lost ur baby too, at the same time.

N got over all and carried on. I was afraid i will never be the same again. I was thinking i wouldnt ever smile again or trust anyone or maybe go insane. Bt i was holding on cos i had a daughter who
depended on me, n she was only ........... If i lost her, i dont know what cud
have happened. U truly are an inspiration. A very brave woman and im sure ur daughter wud b so proud of you. She's indeed very lucky to have you.

Ur life, that one album made me see life in a
different way. It gave me hope and reduced my problems to a small speck.
Im so glad and happy you are smiling again. May Allah bless you always and reward you for the struggle u put through to get to where u r now. :)

Thank you.....dear.