Monday, 15 March 2010

Todays news is not good news!

How is it that things have come to this. Dhi TV staff attacked, blood drops of haveeru newspaper staff on our streets....whats going on!
Is this the tip of an iceberg? What are we doing to unravel and dismantle the underworld....let not Maldives become a Monrovia, like this video shows....
We are already afflicted by drug addiction, do not let the gang lords take over our nation to chaos.
Let the colours unite to stop the violence and decide to do our part to unify this nation against all political, economic and social odds so that we get our right for peaceful existance.
Do not click the link below if you cannot handle the images...its not easy to watch these scenes of violence ...
Never should we allow things in our country reach this far. Prevention of such a state of affairs will happen with actions we implement today.