Monday, 15 March 2010

Todays news is not good news!

How is it that things have come to this. Dhi TV staff attacked, blood drops of haveeru newspaper staff on our streets....whats going on!
Is this the tip of an iceberg? What are we doing to unravel and dismantle the underworld....let not Maldives become a Monrovia, like this video shows....
We are already afflicted by drug addiction, do not let the gang lords take over our nation to chaos.
Let the colours unite to stop the violence and decide to do our part to unify this nation against all political, economic and social odds so that we get our right for peaceful existance.
Do not click the link below if you cannot handle the images...its not easy to watch these scenes of violence ...
Never should we allow things in our country reach this far. Prevention of such a state of affairs will happen with actions we implement today.


maldivesresortworkers said...

Its a clear cut case of inaction. We have the resources, the means and brains to eradicate this issue but the various factors dislocated from a consistent policy will not produce the desired effects.

The Shadowrunner said...

Inaction indeed. Why?. Because you can see the main leaders of the gangs in Majlis. With that kind of money and position in their hands, what can you expect?.

Even the police, once so good at weeding out anti-Maumoon elements, have become an incompetent bunch of morons overnight.

And even those honest people in the police force who TRY to bring justice to the everyday Maldivian are humiliated in court by corrupt judges who throw out their cases, citing sharia law.

XResistance said...

Inaction seems to be the policy of both the past and present governments. Although the Police seems to be quite effective in their efforts to maintain peace these past days. But that is a short term measure that cannot be sustainable. There is a strong need for mediation and dialogue, which no one seems to taking the initiative to start. All the sensible people seems to be silent while the hotheads, radicals and extremists are dominating the airwaves. Its a pity.