Thursday, 18 June 2009

Criminal Profile of the Mother Who Abused and Murdered Her 8 Month Son with Lover

My questions and comments on observing this profile.
Was she put under any treatment or rehabilitation ?
Has she even been evaluated for underlying mental health problems? Does she have an underlying disability or is she suffering from a serious mental illness? If so, the whole profile need to be seen from a different perspective. Does she have a learning disability or does she suffer from a psychotic illness like schizophrenia? I seriously believe this has to be established in her case and those others who may be like her.
One news report said that she had a child before who is under state care. When there was such clear history why was this child put under an incompetent mother, who should have actually been in the prison.
When she has been sentenced for a particular period of imprisonment and it appears she ought to be serving that sentence, how come she is sentenced again for further crimes . Was she released from these sentences , if so why ????
So that she can go and offend again? Be caught again for more serious crime and given a harsher sentence? Whats the logic behind this?It is ridiculous to know she was living almost a free life even though she has been sentenced for a total of 30 years 8 months of imprisonment.
That too because so called competent people decided that she ought to be brought on parole so that she could breast feed the child( wonder about the rationale of breast feeding when mother is a chronic heroin addict!!!) . It is sad that competent people within the country could not be a part of this decision making process. Is there a possibility that the current political climate in the country has made some of the technical people or limited professionals redundant that they were not consulted ? If so this is very very sad!!
Furthermore, it appears that the voices and the decisions they had taken in the past did not apparently matter when she was granted parole or rather given a break from her prison sentence so she could give birth, breast feed have a lover and kill!!!!
All this reflects years of failure in providing justice to the people of this country.
Incompetent people with inadequate knowledge, in inappropriate positions of power, unable to network or unwilling to work as a team as key stakeholders... are just some of the problems that has failed the system which led to what we see in the criminal profile of this one woman alone.
Such a shame....! Let us hope things will the times to come.


Anonymous said...

what the f--- is wrong with our law enforcement and justice system!!

ahmedsunie said...

Kill her.

sunflower said...

we need people like you to correct these people. after your PHD i am 200% sure that you will be based not in Maldives. PLEASE PLEASE don't do that, we need people like Aishath Ali Naaz, to fight with these type of people I am sure all these cases a mental cases which can be corrected with professional help! Our small community is full of mental cases. as you would know!