Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Confusion: Counsellors and Councilors

Until recently when the word counsellor was used, it was commonly understood that we were referring to anyone who worked in the field of mental health, some were drug counsellors, school counsellors etc…but nowadays the word counsellor (written exactly the same in dhivehi) is commonly refered to mean atoll or island councilors or people who will be involved in the administration of atoll provinces.

Well....counsellors, councilors the use of these terms must be confusing to many but I hope it just remain at that …as long as there is no confusion in the different roles they each have to perform I do not think there should be an issue with it.

However, it may be worthwhile to start thinking whether it may be more appropriate to substitute the word counsellor for words like case workers; case managers; support workers, etc specially if the job performed by counsellors(those involved in work related to mental health) does not involve active counselling but is only dealing with case management or support work.

I thought of writing this article of fear that tomorrow some one in the public ignorant of the difference between councilors and counsellors may approach those elected for administrating the provinces for drug counselling, marital counselling etc..hmmm


jaa said...

Love your last para :)

kashi said...

hehehe...counsellor is a new term for fandithaverin.

Island Chic said...

Hehe, interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

hehehe addoo bahun counselaru ge maana ingeytha

shootingstar said...

hi and heloo....:)
Its my first time tht i visit your blog...your posts seem real good....this post makes me wonder...are you a counsellor or something?
hehe...anyways...liked this blog..

The Shadowrunner said...

Hey, we're always confused. Figures things like this would happen!.