Friday, 1 May 2015

May Day Protest in Maldives. Why I am particpating in the Protest.

Today I will join the peaceful Mayday protest along with the thousands who will march across the streets of Male'. I am going out on the streets not as a professional but as an ordinary Maldivian citizen who intend to raise my voice against the atrocities, human rights violations, arrogance, violence, aggression that has become common place. I do not believe President Nasheed got a fair trial, I do not believe Dr.Afrasheems murderers have been brought to justice, I do not think enough has been done to find Rilwan, I do not believe the government had upheld the election promises they made to the public. I do not believe that masked youth could walk or ride along the streets and speak ;threat or abuse ordinary citizens or the opposition members and speed across the roads with state sponsored power to commit crimes against the people. I do not think the citizens of this country are getting the rights they should in a democracy. Drugs, particularly chemicals like MDMA, Acid, etc Heroin, cannabis and alcohol which are all illegal are flooded in the hands of youth as we speak; gangs and criminals are thriving and the ordinary citizens and the small and big time business men are being intimitated, threatened and made to live in fear. The people of the country has demanded for justice and fairness but so far what we have recieved is arrogance and just a thumbs down. I am going out to say in peace, hear us, change, we are the citizens, we will stand and we will fight, we will protest for the sake of the nation and we the people know that together we are mightier than all the arms in your hands. Every one I know who is going out today is taking the risk of being pepper sprayed, beaten, or gassed or god knows what. But ALLAH AKBAR. We shall march for peace and in peace. # Free the father of democracy in Maldives # free President Nasheed and Justice for all; I along with the public make a stand against all aggression, all violence, all atrocity. May our flag fly with pride and our pigeons fly on full bellies.