Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Door to Door campaign; Henveiru Dhekunu, Day 3

Started the rounds at 2.00 in the afternoon. We were able to complete home visits to 3 blocks today. A strange experience for me. Climbing narrow stairs at times, to knock on the doors of strangers who are ready to welcome me and give their valuable time to listen to what I have to say.
Not a single person was rude. Not a single person closed the door on my face. Instead they hurried to invite me to the most comfortable point in their household. Offer a place to sit and give their time.

They say they want to vote for a 'good person'. While the definition of good can be subjective, some where I can feel what they mean. Yes, I want to be that good person.
I was glad that in almost every lane I visited, I came across at least one person with whom I have interacted in some capacity in the past, and they greet me with love.
Either a parent has heard my lectures on parenting as many as 10 years ago, and recollects how it helped...or a student, a colleague, some random person with whom I was lucky enough to have had a positive interaction at some stage in my life. Never thought ....either them or me ...that one fine day they will find me at their door step, requesting for their vote.Allah works in mysterious ways.
Today I have a great desire to acknowledge those who have volunteered to support me. They are all truly amazing individuals. They do not hesitate to give me their valuable time, walk with me every step....I have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you.

I am also  thank ful to the three new friends I have made tonight; you and  I, we were able to agree that good will one day win over whats bad, if failure or success comes let it come through a honest walk, after honest work had been undertaken. It is better to make fishermen out of young men instead of giving them a fish for free. I will always refuse to give the fish, but I am here to help the youth learn fishing. We understood each other and parted ways with new found respect.
Todays take away lesson from the multiple interactions is, if you ever become an MP, do not forget the people who voted for you, or the others you represent. Hear their needs, meet them and interact with them. Once you win, do not ever become arrogant, but humble and grateful in both your success and defeat, and treat those who voted for and against you with equal kindness. 

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