Friday, 6 December 2013

My Door to Door Campaign; Henveiru Dhekunu. Day 2

The day started with a visit to the house of the current MP from the constituency, I understand that he will also be contesting in the primaries for the same ticket. It was an interesting interaction. He summarized his entry into politics, the journey he has travelled and the great challenges he has faced and is faced with. It was a pleasure to see him sign my petition form demonstrating his support for me to contest. 
Thank you.
Today in my door to door campaign,  I was meeting people who were still in recovery from grief related to the loss of an election ...after having gone through a tremendous journey in politics. Women and men, of all ages, who had waved the golden yellow flag in support of democracy for the leader they loved required time to bounce back in renewed faith to support their party, to ensure that these ideologies will last for ever. 
They were kind and welcoming to me. They told me that some of the candidates had started their campaign over an year ago and may have gained a lot of support. They told me , even if I could not secure the primary, never to be disheartened and to continue my political career. I felt as if there was a need  to protect me from any damage I may suffer if the other contestants stand ahead. Yet, without a second thought, some said I had their unconditional support. Thank you!
My message is very clear. 
I  want to ensure that the social and psychological challenges facing the nation are taken to the floor of the Majlis and that the legislatures that are passed, reviewed and researched are addressed with mechanisms for its implementation.
I have things to say, I have the ability, knowledge and experience to make a difference, for you, for me, for our future. 
I am not a commodity which can be bought for one or a million Rufiyaa.
 My party loyalty will remain steadfast. 

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