Thursday, 5 December 2013

Contesting in the primaries for a MDP ticket to the Parliament from Henveiru Dhekunu

It was a day, which broke the heart of supporters in several ways. I sat feeling complex emotions as I figured out MDP will be in the opposition this term. Some thing snapped inside me. A great leader, a passionate man was losing his fight for his beliefs with just a handful of votes. Unbelievable as it was, this was the reality all his supporters had to fathom. Me, being one of those supporters..that was the moment I decided to change, to enter politics, and fight to gain back this election next time around. It may be a long drawn fight. It does not matter.
 I wrote on social media, yes, it was time for me to join this fight officially. I realised that one of the ways would be to sit in the parliament, To add my experiences, knowledge and desire to promote the ideologies of the party and elevate it through this defeat to a point of success, however minute in size it may be. Next time around, In Shaa Allah, MDP must win.
Deciding this, I declared my interest to contest in the MDP primaries on facebook.I recieved a fabulous response, making me decide Yes. I will do this.
I met the former President at his residence and expressed my desire to contest. He said,' very good'. Chosing a constituency became a small debate. I belonged to Henveiru Dhekunu till recent, and saw my self as from this dhaaira. The place where I grew up, where my home is. However, it was unfortunate, that the new map has put in in Medhu Henveiru. But my decision was already made. I again announced it and requested for volunteers on FB.
I now have a campaign manager and a number of volunteers working tirelessly with me. I realised they believed in me, they trust in me, they have read my thoughts on fb over th years and putting me in that seat has become their challenge, desire and dream too. Thank you.
The task ahead of me is no simple one. I realise this. There are up to now, 4 candidates who have declared their interest to contest for that one ticket in the primaries. Its like there is a pillar, there is a heart, there is youth and me, the unknown factor who will work towards this one seat.
I will definitely work hard, put a hard fight to win the ticket to the primaries.
With me being there people will have a choice in electing their MP.
 My heart is with MDP, with the people of henveiru dhekunu. What ever is the outcome I will stand by my decision to work through this constituency to improve those legislatures that will improve the lives of the people living here. With me, with the added value of my professional back ground and experience will work towards raising your social and psychological concerns to national levels, where it will for the first time have the voice of an expert.
I have decided to blog every  day, my experience of this campaign like a journal of my reflections. Please support me in my new journey.
Tonight as I sit here writing this article, a song from my past is flashing its lyrics in a very meaningful way.
'Win or lose is not the game...we will always try to play the game...'
This is my first post in this series.
Hope to keep updating regularly.

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